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Attorney Stewart Bergman

You've been arrested for DUI. This is a stressful time in your life. You want honest answers, and you need somebody to fight for you.

My goal is to meet or exceed your expectations in regards to your case, and to give you an honest and realistic picture of your rights, and your chances. Your best interests are my primary focus.

My name is Stewart Bergman. I have over 17 years practice in handling dui cases. I was a former prosecutor for over 4 years, prosecuting mainly dui cases so I know how the other side thinks and operates. I have also worked in the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office in the Vehicular Crimes Group handling everything from felony dui cases to the most serious vehicular homicide cases. After working for the county and at private firms,  I opened my own law practice in 2007. I  want the chance to help you fight or resolve your Arizona DUI charge. My law firm focuses on defending impaired driving allegations throughout Arizona. I personally navigate, investigate, negotiate and, when necessary, litigate your case.

To better serve you, I focus on a small number of clients and give them first class service and a complete and passionate defense.

I'm Serious About Helping You

I take pride in representing my clients' best interests, and in winning. I concentrate on quality, not quantity, and have earned the trust of professionals in all areas, from doctors to lawyers, athletes to business owners, truck drivers to commercial pilots.

I will meet with you in my office or we can conduct the consultation telephonically. At the meeting we will cover several topics:

  1. Review the facts of your case. The more details we have, the better we can assess your DUI;
  2. We will identify and outline potential legal and factual issues in your case, including issues that might facilitate a dismissal or reduction in the charge, and what might save your license;
  3. We will go over the Arizona Law as it applies to your case, discuss the procedure in the specific court your case is in, and discuss the MVD process;
  4. We will go over all of your options with you, and discuss options that may become available as your case progresses;
  5. Supply you with a plan of action that best suits your case and your goals, every case is different.

Hiring Me

If you decide that you want us to fight for you and guide you through your case, we will file notices of appearances with the Court and the Prosecutor's office, and begin the serious and time sensitive process of investigating your case. We will also deal with the Arizona MVD on your behalf, including filing a request for an Administrative License Hearing if applicable. Remember,  you have only 15 days to file the notice of an mvd hearing once the paperwork is given to (usually when you are arrested), time is of the essence. 

What to expect from me and my office

  1. You can expect us to attend each and every court hearing with you, or appear for you in your absence.
  2. We will present all of your options, including any and every viable strategy that might apply.
  3. We will review the police report(s) and chemical test reports with you in depth, and compare the officer's version to yours.
  4. We will advocate aggressively for you. You will benefit from the reputation that our office has established with courts and prosecutors' offices in the Valley in that they will know that we negotiate in good faith and back up our negotiations with exceptional trial skills, and a willingness to fight when necessary.
  5. Our first priority in negotiations is to get your best offers from the State on the table, and then, without alienating the prosecutor, give you an opportunity to consider your options with our input and support.
  6. We approach all parties with dignity and respect. We demand that the officers, the courts and the prosecutors treat our clients with respect, and we take the lead by setting an example. If you want a lawyer who will scream at prosecutors and bicker fruitlessly with judges, then we are not the right match for your case.
  7. We will be with you throughout your case. We are there to support you and make sure that you never have an answerable question that goes unanswered. We will return your phone calls and emails. In essence, we protect your interests, hold your hand and guide you from start to finish. After your case concludes, we are always still available for follow up questions.
  8. Empathy, we all have trouble spots in life, I will personally be there for you not only as your attorney but as a "counselor" to help you through the stress and anxiety during this process. I will help you focus on you to concentrate on getting back to "life", while I handle all aspects of your case.    

Focused On DUI Defense


When you face your ordeal in court and with the MVD, you can rest assurred that we'll have your back every step of the way.

Focused On You


Whether you made a mistake or you're falsely accused, we want to help you get through this, back to a normal life, and back on the road.