Arizona DUI Law, Penalties and Process

The law of impaired driving in Arizona is codified in Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 28. Title 13, which governs criminal law also applies, as do the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Rules of Evidence. Add to that the Ethical Rules, the Rules of Judicial Conduct, the Arizona Administrative Code and State and Federal Case-law, and you can see that the law that governs DUIs in Arizona contains literally hundreds of thousands of pages of text.

The DUI statutes, which are cited in your citation (ARS 28-1381, 1382, 1383) are just the beginning. Judge made case law interprets these statutes, and gives meaning to them. The practice of DUI law is so vast and complex that it is rivaled only by DNA and death penalty litigation in its complexity. Yet DUI cases in Arizona are treated in a fast-food triage manner.

If you (or your representative) don't know the DUI law, there is NO time to become competent and educated in its nuances within the time frame that your case will unfold. Nevertheless, this section of this website provides you with the basic tools so that you will better understand the language used by your attorney, the prosecutor and the court as your case progresses.

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